Songs of the Earth

Animated Short Film & Album

The Story

Winner of the British Council Climate Change Commission - Songs of the Earth - is created by the London-based multi-disciplinary artist and musician, Soumik Datta and animated by Indian illustrators, Sachin Bhatt and Anjali Kamat.

Accompanied by an eight-track album (available on major streaming platforms now) this short animation film is a creative response to climate change, weaving issues from climate migration, extreme weather to ocean pollution, deforestation and sustainable fashion through original narrative, songs and immersive visuals.

The film follows Asha, a young climate refugee from Bengal, as she searches for her missing father through the flood banks of the Sundarban delta, burning forests and melting polar ice caps.

"Songs of the Earth is dedicated to the Global South - to anyone who has had to flee their home after catastrophe and natural disaster" says Soumik of his project, adding "I feel the arts have an important role to tell their stories, while generating hope, inspiring empathy and driving grassroots communities to demand for a better future.

As an artist, I want to gather people, physically and digitally, to immerse them in sound and space - to make them feel connected and part of one earth, one tribe, one people, one hope."


Written, Directed & Music by Soumik Datta
Art Director and Animation by Sachin Bhatt
Animated by Anjali Kamat
Produced by Soumik Datta Arts
Presented by British Council
In Association with Earth Day Network India, Hawkwood Centre, The Space

Voice of Baba - Rakesh Ghosh
Voice of Asha - Aishani De
Voice Director Sangeeta Datta
Vocals, Lyrics & Sarod by Soumik Datta
Keyboards & Vocals - Rosabella Gregory
Cello - Matthew Barley
Drums - Jake Long
Vocals - Ashnaa Sasikaran
Saxophone - Yasmin Ogilvie
Music Mixed by Camilo Tirado

Oliver Carruthers - Soumik Datta Arts
Karuna Singh - Earth Day Network India
Neela Majumdar - Earth Day Network India
Project Manager - Minal Mehta

Climate Consultants
Omi Gurung Saurav
Malhotra Prabot Sodhi
Siddharth Singh
Garvita Guhati
Kayly Ober

Digital Designer
Anupa Dasgupta

Album Released on Bucks Records (available on all digital stores from 2 November 2021)

Special Thanks
Fiona Morris, Ferdy Lovett, Sarah Fortescue, Tana Wollen, Alicia Carey, Sam Toolan, Skinder Hundal, Alys Jones, Rosanna Lewis, Simon Broughton, Angie Dickinson, Mira Kaushik, Rhiannon Bramley, Alok Sanyal, Sarah Liversedge, Arts Council England

Songs of the Earth - Part of British Council's Creative Commissions for COP26
Supported by the British Council's Creative Commissions programme which are a series of creative commissions exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology.

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